About us

Who we are

We are two Ph.D. students studying at Goethe University Frankfurt. We want to share our research with others. We want to receive comments on our work. We want to facilitate communications among junior researchers. For this purpose, we created this platform and hope it will fill with a lot of research in the future!

What you can find here

Here you can find some seminar/conference presentations, which we have got the consent of the presenters and seminar/conference organizers to publish. Besides, we also accept submissions of presentations and posters. In this webpage, as well as in our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube page, you can find a list of presentation materials.

How it works

Presentation Recording Sharing

In conferences and seminars, your presentation will be recorded (upon the agreement of the presenters and conference/seminar organizers). We then share it online through this website. Seminar/conference organizers can contact us for more information. For individual contributors, presentations can be recorded with software like OBS Studio. You can then submit your presentation videos or poster following the instructions here.


Address: Goethe University Frankfurt – House of Finance, Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz, Frankfurt