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Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown-Bag Seminar is an ideal opportunity to present researchers’ work and to receive valuable comments and suggestions. Researchers are invited to submit work in progress or a complete paper in all fields of finance and related topics. We have come to an agreement with the seminar organizers that we can record the presentations and post them here. The presentations are only accessible by users logged in with their¬†uni-frankfurt.de emails. Presenters can choose to¬†allow all logged in users to view their presentations. Presenters also have the choice to update their presentations with self-recorded ones if they see fit.

Finance Brown Bag Seminar

Time: Every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm
Location: “DZ Bank lecture room” (E.20), House of Finance (Campus Westend)

Date Presenter Topic
22/11/2017 Bao, Yangming The Externalities of Information: Lending to Peer Firms
06/12/2016 Liu, Liu Zero HML (and Zero Interest Rates)