Sharing knowledge
Seminars are held regularly throughout the year.  It aims to promote the presentation of research papers by researchers. It provides the opportunity for researchers to receive valuable comments and suggestions.
Online Presentation
Presentations allow authors to highlight the most important part of a paper and thereby get audiences interested in your works. Sharing them online can greatly increase the reach and visibility of your research.

Aims & Objectives

This is the age of knowledge. Yet latest developments in economic research are mostly retained only among researchers and scholars. One obstacle keeping the public from the scientific world is the lack of access. People just have no idea where they can find the information they need. One major aim of this website is to share knowledge, to make academic findings more easily accessible to everyone.

Attending conferences and seminars can be costly, both monetarily and temporally. With the internet, we can shorten the distance between you and any destination of the conference to virtually zero. Through live streaming, you can join any selected conferences held on the other side of the planet.

It is sometimes hard to find the right audience with the same expertise as yours. It is even harder to find someone who is willing to read your work in progress in detail and give you comments. Here you can share your idea in form of a presentation or a poster to the internet. Hopefully, your idea can reach farther and you can obtain more feedback.


Submit your work here and get more feedback! Videos submitted will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as well as in this website after review. Submitted videos must comply with the following submission rules.

Submission rule

  1. We recommend the video duration to be between 20-45 min.
  2. The paper presented must be your original work.
  3. The topic can be in all branches of economics, theoretical or empirical.
  4. The presentation should be conducted in English.
  5. The file size should be below 500 MB.

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Latest presentations

Sieve Estimation of Time-varying Factor Loadings
Sieve Estimation of Time-varying Factor Loadings
    Author: CHEUNG Ying Lun, Goethe University Frankfurt Abstract: This paper considers the estimation of the time-varying factor (TVF) model. We assume the TV-loadings...
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How to Test for Bubbles: Discount Rates and Volatility
  Author: Matthias Schmidtblaicher, EUI Presented at: 28th EC^2 conference, 2017 Remark: Preliminary. Please check the author's website for the latest results. Download paper
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The Externalities of Information: Lending to Peer Firms
The Externalities of Information: Lending to Peer Firms
    Author: Yangming Bao, Goethe University Frankfurt and SAFE Abstract: In this paper, I empirically analyze the externalities of information in bank lending behavior. Using...
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(Demo) The Externalities of Information: Lending to Peer Firms
When: 22 November 2017, 14:00 – 15:00 Where: HoF E.20 (“DZ Bank”) Speaker: Yangming Bao,  Goethe University Frankfurt and SAFE Authors: Yangming Bao Abstract: In this paper, I empirically analyze the...
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